Saturday, February 21, 2009

President Obama buys cookies in Ottawa Canada

It was so exciting last Thursday to have President Obama visit my home town of Canada's Capital, Ottawa.
Our city prepared for his arrival with great anticipation. It was not a long visit, (only a few hours) but I think a very eventful one.
He is such an out going President, so friendly and personable. You are all so lucky to have him as your leader.
While he was here, he took a little side trip to a bakery, down in the heart of our city. It is called Le Moulin De Provence in the Byward Market. He bought some cookies to take back to his daughters and yesterday I was down town and picked some up. Apparently the owner of the bakery has sold 5000 cookies since the Presidents visit and he has had calls from all over the world
ordering these cookies.
They are a type of sugar cookie with red icing, not too sweet and oh so delicious. When I bought the cookies, they were made, but didn't have the white icing on yet, but I bought them anyway and put the white letting on to show you how they are supposed to look.
He also enjoyed a Beavertail (pastry) with whipped cream on top.Yummie
President Obama said he will return when Canada warms up L.O.L.
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Cute story! You have some nice projects on your blog, the birdhouses are beautiful and I love your little napkin rings!

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

Thank you so much for enjoying our new President's visit...I'm one of those with big hopes regarding his term in office...I hope those cookies will give him a big sugar lift...he will need it!!!