Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here is a little update on the basement reno.
We finished the window frame in the bar area, but it still needs to be painted.

I was thinking of installing a rope lite to illuminate between the window and the picture.
Don't you think the two waiters look like they are actually serving at the restaurant?

My next project, is to make canvas awnings for the two basement windows, and they will be red and white stripes, like the ones you see in the picture.

A little escape to Paris, non?

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Darlene said...

Wow! that is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

That is so cute I can't stand it!!! How creative of you, I just love it!!

Tootsie said...

looks lovely...I think it is just beautiful!

sundownerin said...

wow, these arangements are sooo cute, absolutley beatyfull!!