Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween is coming!

Here is a witch you can create for your front door.
First you need a straw broom, and black paper ribbon cut in strips for the dress.
Cut a round circle about 2" and glue a paper cone of the black ribbon, about 2" on top of the circle.
This forms the hat. Use a 2" styrofoam ball wrapped with cream colored paper ribbon for the face.
Wire the head onto the broom and glue the hat on top.Add a band of orange ribbon around the hat.
Take your strips of black paper ribbon and glue them just under the head, they should be about 1 and a half inches wide and about 4-5" long. For the arms, take a heavy gage wire and wrap it with the black paper ribbon, but not too tightly, puff it out a bit to form the sleeves of the dress. Wire this to the broom. For the hands, use small sraps of cream paper and wrap the ends of the wire. Use moss for the hair and decorate the face as us wish. Glue a few artificial leaves to the bottom of the dress and add orange and black 1/4" ribbon to the handle of the broom and around neck.
Its ready to hang! (Note that the paper ribbon comes in tight strips and has to be unrolled first).
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